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Humane Society critical of exhibits featuring exotic animals

By Lindsay EnglishLOUISVILLE (WAVE) Two new exhibits at the Kentucky State Fair are stirring up controversy. The two shows, featuring tigers and alligators, have come under fire from the Humane Society. As WAVE 3 Investigator Lindsay English reports, the performers say their acts are educational, but Humane Society officials disagree.Bruno Blaszak trains tigers for a living. He the third generation of his family to work with tigers, traveling the world and performing with the beasts. Blaszak latest stop: the Kentucky State Fair. Even though his act has been a hit with lots of fair goers, some folks with the Humane Society of the United States, are less than thrilled that his act is there."From an animal welfare and a public safety perspective, we think this is about as dumb a choice as the Fair Board could ever made," said Pam Rogers, state director for Comprar Gh Jintropin the Humane Society.Rogers says the tiger show was dangerous and hard on the animals. "It was entirely, I thought, inhumane," Rogers said. "It was very hot, the tigers were all in very small cages that were all Clomiphene Citrate Suppliers kind of stacked back in the back, and there wasn a lot of ventilation."Blaszak says the big cats are well taken care of. "We hose them down Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) two to three times a day, give them cat baths. They have a water bucket, they under shade. There are fans blowing. Of course they going to be panting a little bit I panting too. You Comprar Gh Jintropin know, it hot."Next to Bruno exhibit is Bert Lucas, who performs with alligators. His show is also being criticized by the Humane Society even though Lucas he performing a public service. "We bring these Testosterone South Africa shows to the public so we can teach people about these animals and try to explain a little bit about how they operate."Exotic animals and reptiles like tigers and alligators are actually illegal to bring into the state of Kentucky, but Amanda Stormant, vice president of media and public relations for the State Fair Trenbolone Enanthate Generic says proper procedures were followed."They all had to be permitted," Stormant said. "They had to be permitted to come into the state by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. Those permits were granted."The law says to obtain those permits, a government agency, like the State Fair Board, would have to ask the animals be brought in for educational purposes. "This is an educational show," Stormant "Hgh Jintropin Avis" said. "It is meant to educate."The Humane Society says it doesn add up. According to Rogers, "a truly educational venue would be something where the animals aren required to Apotheek Viagra Bestellen perform."We spoke with an attorney at the Humane Society headquarters in Washington, DC. He told us they will continue to investigate the two exotic animal acts at the Kentucky State Fair before deciding if the organization will take any action.