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HSE bows to public pressure as consultant's contract extended

THE Health Service Executive (HSE) has bowed to public pressure and extended the contract for a third consultant surgeon post at a north Cork hospital.

More than 100 doctors and campaigners fighting to maintain services at Mallow General Hospital threatened public protests last week if the post was not made permanent within two weeks.

The hospital, which has a 24 hour accident and emergency unit and serves a population of Comprar Gh Jintropin 100,000 from Kerry, Tipperary, Limerick and Waterford, as well as Cork, was forced earlier this month to suspend weekend surgical cover after the HSE refused to continue funding the post.

Up until the end of March, three consultant surgeons were employed at the hospital, one Testosterone Levels of whom, Francis Biswas, was on a temporary contract since September 2006.

However, when Mr Biswas' contract expired in March, the complement was reduced to two, Mr Günstig Kamagra Oral Jelly Kaufen Aonghus Twomey and Mr Faud Aftab.

But it was confirmed last night that a third consultant surgeon will be retained on a temporary basis.

It followed a meeting in Mallow attended by Finbarr Fitzpatrick of the Irish Hospital Consultants' Group, Tony Long and Gerry O'Dwyer of the HSE together with hospital consultants.

It was agreed that the "buy cheap jintropin online" locum consultant surgeon Mr Aamir Majeed is to have his post extended to the end of May.

Newmarket GP Dr Methandienone Wholesale Bertie Daly said there is a sense of relief that common sense has prevailed, albeit "as an interim measure".

He said it would allow the HSE to advertise for a more permanent appointment.

Labour TD Sean Sherlock said: "I welcome the extension of the contract but we are not satisfied that the HSE has not put it in writing. We have no grounds to have any confidence that the HSE will ensure the post is maintained beyond May. We need further assurances as to the HSE's "buy cheap jintropin online" long term commitment to Mallow hospital."

Mr Sherlock also called for the publication of the "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" most recent annual report on the hospital to facilitate a value for money audit.

"We are confident that such an analysis will confirm that Mallow General Hospital provides an excellent level of care, delivered with dignity and cost effectively to the grateful population it serves," he said.

PRO of the Friends of Mallow Hospital Group, Cllr Noel O'Connor, said they are also seeking the re establishment of an executive management board for Mallow Clomiphene Citrate Australia hospital and the roll out of CT scanning facilities at the hospital.

"We all want the same thing and that is to reform and transform the health service while maintaining the primacy of patient care and safety," he said.